HUPE konferencija

23rd annual HUPE conference

Naklada Ljevak i Pearson sudjelovali su na 23. HUPE konferenciji!


Ovdje preuzmite prezentacije Pearsonovog predavača Phila Warwicka.


1. Philip Warwick: Motivating the Modern Teenager


We live in a world of digital residents, whose attention
spans have been greatly reduced through information
overload and countless virtual distractions – a world
where every student is different and yet they all look
so alike. Teaching the modern teenager can be a real
challenge, finding the right buttons to push is like
discovering a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.
Well, we’ll be looking at how modern course books
like Pearson’s Gold XP can provide the tools to help us
create a suitable learning environment for these 21st
century learners.
2. Philip Warwick: Tackling Testing and Tracking Progress
What are we teaching and why? These days, time
seems to be an ever more valuable commodity and
students resent doing activities in class unless they
can see actual benefits and improvements to their
English ability. However, without a clear understanding
of their strengths and weaknesses it can be difficult
to create a reliable framework for measuring
and understanding what needs to be focused on. This
session will discuss various approaches to testing
and assessment and explore the differences between
purely teaching English and teaching students exam
strategies. We will look at some of the new exam
structures and some of the materials designed to prepare
for them. 
3. Philip Warwick: Grappling Glamourous Grammar
The teaching of grammar has always been an integral
part of English language teaching, although over the
years we have seen a shift in the way this is introduced
by course books and approaches. Sometimes
it’s good to reflect on what has changed and consider
the current and future trends in our field, especially
so in regard to something as fundamental as English
grammar. We will have a pleasant stroll down memory
lane looking at course books from the past and
then glance at what’s round the corner and its implications
for us as teachers when we focus on structure
in the classroom.
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